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Hello, my name is Janet Mitchell.  I have 31 years of teaching experience that includes 5 years in public education and 26 years at the community college level.  I enjoy creating resources to help learners understand mathematical concepts and master their basic math facts.  You will find these resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

My passion is helping students improve their math skills and overcome their math fears.  I teach both college-level and developmental-level math students at a large community college.  Over the years, I have taught many classes of arithmetic, elementary algebra, geometry, college algebra, and mathematics classes for Elementary Education majors.

I love working with students to improve their basic mathematical knowledge.  About half of the classes I teach are arithmetic classes for adult learners.

My students come from a wide range of backgrounds and getting to know each one of them is fascinating.  Some of my students have experienced a life-changing event such as a stroke or brain injury and they are courageous enough to work hard and re-learn concepts they had previously mastered.  Others have struggled with math (and school) their entire life.  It is very rewarding to have a student tell me they understand fractions, or decimals, or integers for the first time in their lives!

Thanks for visiting my site,

Janet Mitchell

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