November 27, 2019

DIY Holiday Ornament Craft Combines Geometry and Art

Set of 3 finished 3D holiday ornament crafts
I love craft projects that combine geometry and art.  That is why I created these unique DIY Holiday Ornaments.  This ornament project is a fun and exciting activity that includes options for school-aged children, teens, and adults. Crafting a unique 3-dimensional ornament allows opportunities for individual expression and creativity. The finished pieces will become cherished holiday keepsakes that are perfect for decorating a Christmas tree or hanging from the ceiling to create a festive holiday display.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Projects

Arts and crafts projects foster creativity, improve dexterity, boost self-esteem, and stimulate imagination. This ornament project also offers practice with following directions and step-by-step procedures. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind holiday ornament that may be proudly displayed at home or in a classroom.

Examples of 10 different completed 3D holiday ornament crafts

Create 3D Holiday Ornaments as a STEM / STEAM Activity

There is something magical about taking a flat piece of paper and transforming it into a 3-dimensional object. Articles of clothing, packaging containers, and material design projects are created with a similar process.

The objects and shapes of this project support mathematical education and geometry. The procedures required align with STEM and STEAM educational philosophies. Plus, the process of coloring the ornament allows for artistic expression and creativity. Some teachers have used this project with their students and created a “Geome-Tree” in their classroom!

Suggestions for Utilizing this Versatile Craft Project:

  • School Classroom Activity
  • School Art Enrichment Activity
  • Gifted and Talented / GATE Project
  • STEM / STEAM Activity
  • Homeschool Activity
  • Sunday School Craft
  • Family Craft Project
  • Christmas Tree Decorating Party 

A 3D holiday ornament pattern and a sample project shown in stages

Choose from many styles and designs

Multiple design options are provided for each style of ornament. The designs include holiday images, geometric patterns, and stained glass-style images.

Several different do-it-yourself holiday ornament patterns

Instructions for creating 3-dimensional ornaments

The Holiday Ornament kit includes detailed instructions and multiple design options for each ornament style. The instructions show the required supplies and step-by-step directions for the design process.

If you plan to use this craft with young students, I recommend you select from the beginner-level options. It will also be helpful to have the assistance of an additional adult (or older student). This will make the folding and assembling process easier.

A series of step-by-step instructions for completing a 3D christmas ornament project

3D Holiday Ornaments – Beginner Set

The beginner-level set offers choices for young students and individuals with limited dexterity. The designs and patterns include holiday images, holiday messages, stained glass-style images, and geometric patterns. The holidays represented include Christmas, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, and Kwanzaa.

Several completed hand-made Christmas ornaments

3D Holiday Ornaments – Advanced Set

The advanced-level set includes designs with more intricate details and folds. These ornaments require more focus and dexterity, so they are best for upper-elementary age to adults. The designs and patterns include geometric patterns, stained glass-style designs, the word “Joy”, and the word “Peace”.

Hand-made Christmas ornament project examples

I hope you have as much fun crafting your individual ornaments as I did creating the entire collection!

Happy Holidays,
Janet Mitchell

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