March 2, 2021

5 Tips and Tricks to Teach Counting Coins

Coins scattered at the base of a piggy bank
Teaching kindergarteners and 1st graders money can be tricky!  In today’s world it seems like we mostly use digital forms of money and we rely less and less on cash in our everyday lives.  This makes teaching money more abstract than ever before!  Here are a few tricks to help ease the process of teaching money.

1.  Focus on Skip Counting before Teaching Money

Counting money is all about skip counting by 5's, 10's, and 25's.  Make sure your students have

these skills down before trying to introduce counting coins.

2.  Introduce Money with Songs and Poems

Some of the best ways for kids to memorize is through music and rhythm!  YouTube is FULL of songs that are great for money.  A helpful poem set about coin values is available in the Mrs. Lovelace TpT store.  

A set of pages to practice counting coins

3.  Make Counting Money Part of your Daily Calendar Time 

Repetition is KEY!  Add those poems to your daily routine and you'll see just how quickly your students begin to remember coin values.


 4.  Practice with Games

GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!  All students love games!  Visit the One, Two, Three: Math Time blog to get a set of Free Coin Clip Cards to make a fun game for students.  The US Mint also has an entire page dedicated to online money games!


5.  Reinforce with Digital Resources

This counting coins to $1.00 practice activity is a set of two engaging and fun interactive digital resources that are easy to assign during virtual learning. Both slide decks are offered in Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF formats. The slides are self-checking and allow students to go at their own pace. Digital and printable reference charts for coin values are included.

Laptop shows a practice slide for counting coins


Guest Post Written by Nicole Lovelace

This post originally appeared on One, Two, Three: Math Time!

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