January 26, 2019

My Perpetual 8-Week Challenge

I teach at a large local community college and we just finished our first week of the Spring 2019 semester.  Half of the classes I am teaching this semester are college-level algebra classes and the remainder are developmental arithmetic classes.

This semester, both of my arithmetic classes are taught in an 8-Week format.  In the middle of March, my students will be transitioning to a developmental algebra class.  I teach 2 or 3 of the arithmetic classes each semester, so that is why I am calling this post "My Perpetual 8-Week Challenge".

January 24, 2019

Hands-On Activities for Basic Fraction Concepts

Fractions are a tricky concept for most learners.  Using a variety of hands-on activities greatly enhances the learning process. I like to use as many manipulatives and hands-on activities as possible when teaching fraction concepts.

Paper folding, fraction tiles, fraction circles, and tracing can all be used to assist learners.  Students need to work with fractions in many forms to develop and refine their understanding.

Early in the learning process, iterating a unit fraction to create a whole object helps develop the concept of how the numerator and denominator are related.  This can be

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