January 24, 2019

Hands-On Activities for Basic Fraction Concepts

Fractions are a tricky concept for most learners.  Using a variety of hands-on activities greatly enhances the learning process. I like to use as many manipulatives and hands-on activities as possible when teaching fraction concepts.

Paper folding, fraction tiles, fraction circles, and tracing can all be used to assist learners.  Students need to work with fractions in many forms to develop and refine their understanding.

Early in the learning process, iterating a unit fraction to create a whole object helps develop the concept of  how the numerator and denominator are related.  This can be 
accomplished by repeatedly tracing a piece that represents a unit fraction until a whole object has been created.

Paper folding can be used to help students understand how to divide a whole object into equal parts.  As a learner's knowledge of fractions advances, they can be challenged with problems that require a combination of folding and iterating.

I have created a series of activities that require paper cutting, folding, and tracing.  Click on the image below to download a FREE Sample of the fraction activities.

Happy teaching,

Janet Mitchell

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